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About Us

The Shivamogga Urban Development Authority (SUDA) performs planning and development functions:-

Ø Planning :

The Shivamogga Urban Development Authority is designated as the Planning Authority under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961. The planning functions in brief involve the following:-

§ Preparation of Master plan for Shivamogga & Bhadravathi LPA
§ Preparation of Scheme Plans.

§ Approval of Development Plans for Group Housing and Layouts.

§ Approval of building plans.
§ Other statutory functions under KTCP Act. 

Ø Development :

In addition to the planning functions, the KUDA Act 1987 envisages the following development functions:-

§ Planning and implementation of schemes to provide for Residential sites, Commercial sites, Industrial sites, Civic Amenity sites, Parks and playgrounds.
§  Construction of Commercial Complexes.
§   Construction of houses for Economically Weaker Sections, Low Income  Group, Middle Income Group, High Income Group.
§ Development of major infrastructure facilities.


v  Chairman – Vipul bansal,D.C.Shimoga
Sri. D. H. Shankaramurthy, Hon’ble  Legislative Council. 
v Sri. K.B.Prasanna kumar, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Shimoga Urban  Constituency  
v Smt.Sharada Puryanayak, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Shimoga Rural Constituency 
v Sri. M.J.Appaji gowda, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Bhadravathi Constituency. 
Sri.Kimmane Rathnakar, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Thirthahalli Constituency. 
Sri. R. K. Siddarmanna, Member of Legislative Council 
Sri. Banupraksh, Member of Legislative Council. 
Deputy commissioner, Shimoga District. 
Superintendent of police, Shimoga District. 
Commissioner, SUDA. 
Town Planner Member,SUDA 
v Commissioner, CMC,Shimoga
Commissioner, CMC, Bhadravathi.

Executive Engineer, PWD. 
v   Executive Engineer, MESCOM. 
v  Executive Engineer, KUWS & DB. 
Dist. Health officer, Shimoga District 

The salient functions of SUDA as emphasized in KUDA Act 1987 which ensures planning, implementation as well as co-ordination are as follows:
§ SUDA, as planning authority under the KTCP Act 1961 is the agency for drawing up development plan and town planning schemes in the local planning area.
§ The SUDA takes up land acquisition for development schemes, housing schemes etc., SUDA facilitates developments in accordance with the Master plan and zonal regulations.

 Ø  Departments

 Functional divisions of the organization:

v  General administration. 

§ Land Acquisition section 
§ Site Section
§ Civic amenity site section

vTown Planning.
v Engineering.
v Finance/Account.

General Administration department handles all the matters relating to establishment and general administrative matters of the authority. Matters pertaining to allotments of sites, shops, auctions of sites, assessments of the property tax, leases and shop rents. Special land acquisition officer of the Authority, looks after the matters relating to acquisitions of the land for various developmental schemes of the authority. This department is also entrusted with the responsibilities of allotment of C. A. sites

 The Town Planning Department is responsible for preparation and revision of the Master plan. The preparation of the layout plans for proposed layouts of SUDA & other departments and private layouts in the LPA. It also monitors the change of land use in LPA

 The Engineering department primarily deals with the execution of various developmental schemes and also in providing required major Urban infrastructure to the city.

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